The Apple Remote Needs an Update

Over the years, Macs have innovated in many ways. The aging PowerPC standard has been replaced with Intel. The iMac, once made of white plastic, now has a sleek aluminum exterior. And finally, new products like the MacBook Air have kept Apple ahead of the curve. Shipped with each of these innovations is what is essentially a slender plastic brick, the Apple remote. Though reliable and durable, the remote has yet to undergo any major revisions since its launch in 2005. Cupertino needs to get with the program and update the remote. Are you listening, Steve?

The Apple remote has six buttons: play/pause, a two-button volume control, forward and back, and menu. Its plain white exterior is accented at the top by an IR receiver. This is all well and good, but after three years, why not change things up a bit?

Why not change the design to fit the latest generation of Macs. Almost every new Mac sold on the market is aluminum, but I have yet to find a remote with an aluminum finish. Why not give the thing a sleeker, more modern appearance to match my iMac?

imgresIt’s amazing how much the iPods have changed over the years. From single-touch buttons to click wheels to touch screens, today’s models look nothing like the first model released seven years ago. Why not take a leaf from the iPod’s book and apply similar technology to the remote? You can already use the iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote for the Mac, which is good, but why not ship remotes with a new interface, say click wheels? Or, how about offering a remote upgrade similar in appearance to the second generation Nano? A sleek aluminum body remote with a click wheel and maybe a small touch screen would be great. I’d be willing to pay $100 for one.

It’s great to see Apple innovating, but it seems all their changes have left the remote in the dust. Get off your feet Steve and give Mac users updated remotes! They may not all be asking for an upgrade, but trust me, once they see a update with a slick new interface, they’ll all want one.

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