Smart Hub is the future of smart tvs

Samsung unveiled a teaser video advertising its Smart TV launch at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2013 with a promise of offering something very unique and unlike other televisions. Samsung has been aggressively marketing its devices at the CES 2013 as it earlier released another video, which promised‘something new’.

The new teaser from the south Korean company depicts all the television sets moving out of their spaces to witness the launch of the Samsung Smart TV in Las Vegas at the CES 2013. The show kicks off on January 8, though Samsung is scheduled for its media event to release the devices on January 7.

The South Korean firm has taken a bold step by advertising the video with a claim of ‘unlike anything the world has ever seen’ raising the expectations of the consumers around the world. The 70-second video closes with the line,’All TV’s are are rushing to see Samsung’s new TV.”

Commenting about the Smart Hub, a post made by Samsung read, “The new Smart Hub is Samsung Smart TV’s dedicated contents platform where viewers can enjoy various contents such as real time broadcasting TV programs, on-demand movies, apps, and photos.”

Rumours about Samsung unveiling the flexible screen technology on smartphones have also been making the rounds on the market. Reports also suggest that the South Korean firm is looking to overhaul the brand’s image and create a new perception of the company for the users.


Motorola Mobility TV

Google will sell Motorola Mobility’s TV set-top business for $2.35 billion to Arris Group Inc., which is looking to grow in the sector of video delivery. The company when compared to Motorola Mobility is a relatively small provider of high speed internet equipment. The purchase has already brought good returns for Arris Group as its stock went up by nearly 17 percent.

Motorola is also a manufacturer of smartphones and tablets, a business which will be retained by Google. The search engine giant took the reigns of of Motorola Mobility Holdings in a $12.4 billion purchase and the decision to sell the TV set-top business comes seven months after Google took control of the firm.

The deal between Google and Arris Group is reported to be a cash and stock purchase. Talking about the deal,Arris CEO, Bob Stanzione said, “This represents a great leap forward for Arris.” Motorola Mobility TV holdings is currently under a law suit from TiVo over patent infringement and the claims are scheduled to go on trial next year.

Arris Group executives has stated that any damages from the law suit will be covered by Google. TiVo has negotiated about $1 billion in combined settlements in other patent infringement claims against other companies, which include Dish Network Corporation, AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications.

Motorola smartphones have been losing their market share to Apple and Samsung, but with one part of the company released to Arris Group, Google might be able to concentrate on the smartphone and tablet manufacturing section of Motorola Mobility.

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