Siri Is Causing Connection Problems On The iPhone

The personal assistant that comes standard on the new iPhone 4S is better known as Siri is getting some amazing reviews as consumers are taking to the blogosphere and twitter in droves to exclaim their delight with the voice-activated assistant.

For example, one tweet stated that the user dddero just had their first Siri interaction, while others are posting the questions that they asked Siri and the response, with one being:

  • Question — What’s the best mobile phone?
  • Siri — The one that you’re holding.

The massive popularity of Siri is unfortunately already leading problems.

As consumers recently flocked to the stores, to the tune of more than 4 million iPhone 4S sold, the desire of all of these consumers to test out Siri has led to large amounts of problems with connectivity.

Twitter, the blogosphere, and the Apple support forums have all blown up with expressions of frustration since the debut of Siri on the new iPhone.

Comments have included that Siri was unable to connect again and so far their new iPhone experience has been half-baked at best with some amazing ideas in theory but the implementation has been extremely miserable. Furthermore, additional comments stated that over 4 million iPhone 4S might’ve been sold, however, they likely need some additional server capacity for Siri. There are constant errors of “unable to connect”.

As suggested by the latter comment, technology experts, as well as consumers, believe that the servers over Apple have been extremely overwhelmed by the consumer demand of those trying to use Siri. So long as the problem itself doesn’t persist for long it’s definitely a good problem to have. There is one thing for those who are at the original unveiling and those have since purchased the new iPhone, despite the problems they all can agree on the fact that Siri is quite the impressive product.

Even within an environment that’s extremely noisy, such as, a car that’s going 60 mph, Siri is still able to understand the majority of what is being said if the iPhone is being held up to the ear. Other people have stated that Siri, it comes to search, is going to be a game changer.

Over the next few months it’s expected that Apple will sell approximately 25,000,000 new iPhone’s. Eventually, Siri is going to become the main point of contact for any needed information for quite a few people. Siri is not only going to learn but it will grow.

As the problems with a connection have suggested, the software for Siri isn’t perfect. Siri doesn’t always understand the question is being asked and doesn’t always understand what someone has said.

Even though the Siri definitely has some room to grow, the immediate popularity of the program suggests that Apple has defied the doubters once again.

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