Should you Buy a Phone on Black Friday?

Over this holiday season, it’s anticipated that holiday shoppers are going to be turning to their smartphones in greater numbers than ever been seen before. In a newly released takeaway study by InMobi, a mobile advertising network, they give us some projected numbers as relates to Black Friday and smartphones.

A total of 60 million mobile phone users, according to the survey conducted by InMobi, will do their shopping on Black Friday the other smartphone, with another 21 million attending to purchase their goods directly from their smartphones and other mobile devices. This is a number that’s going to be even greater with the more tech centric shoppers on Cyber Monday. The Cyber Monday survey found that 42% of shoppers plan to use their smartphones or other mobile virus to shop for and buy their electronics and other gadgets.

Generally speaking, smartphones are now a tool for the holiday shopper that’s become indispensable as more and more often shoppers are now using them for comparison shopping and to read product reviews while they are in the store. Shoppers totaling 45%, according to the study, we use their smartphones for price comparison shopping while you’re at the store, which is a figure that is up from 22% from the prior year.

Shoppers are also using their smartphones to check locations and hours for the various stores prior to heading out or heading to the mall. In fact, Wal-Mart recently released new applications for the iPad and iPhone which will allow their customers to check inventories at their local store locations throughout the holiday season.

InMobi’s survey was conducted with an approximate pool of 900 Android and iOS device users.

The jump in numbers is something that’s likely just on the cusp of completely exploding as smartphones are becoming more and more ingrained in our everyday use and culture. Do you use your smartphone for price comparisons and shopping? Let us know that and/or any other thoughts in the comment section below.

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