PS4 GPU Switching

PS4 release date rumours form the latest news for the gaming console from Sony as the invites of the event, Destination PlayStation reach the media. The event is reported to primarily show-off games to the attending audience, in addition to the provision of dine and wine. Sony will display its upcoming offerings at the event, which has led to the PS4 release rumours.

The event is scheduled to start 25 February and will last until February 28 giving the Japanese conglomerate ample time to display what’s in store for the gaming community. PS4 release date has become the most-awaited news along with the announcement of Microsoft Xbox 720. Release trends from Sony point to the unveiling of PS4 at the event, though nothing can be confirmed yet.

PS4 features have been the talk of the town as many reports about the specifications of the gaming console from Sony have surfaced. PS3 and PS Vita are set to gain prominence at the event in February as Sony is rumoured to double the games for the consoles. With curtains down on PS2, Sony would be looking to concentrate its efforts on PS3 and PS Vita, so the above possibility could turn out to be true.

The release of PS4 was tipped initially for 2013, but recent reports suggest that delays in manufacturing might shift the unveiling to 2014. Rumours suggest that Sony plans to introduce 4K gaming along with full HD 1080p 3D support features. PS4 is also speculated to operate on an AMD A10 APU, provide 8GB or 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and a Blu-ray drive.

All eyes will be set on Sony’s February event as the gaming community would be hoping that the Japanese manufacturer announces the next variant of PlayStation; PS4.

PS4 GPU Switching

PlayStation 4 (PS4) latest news and rumours suggest that the next gaming console from Sony might support GPU switching. Earlier reports hint that the Japanese conglomerate would be using an AMD APU in its next offering for the gaming community. Sony is reported to file patents in this year, which might be related to PS4.

GPU switching will allow the users to operate on one or more PS4 GPUs in tandem, but the process will be running in the background, hidden from the user. In layman terms, this feature will synchronise tow PS4 GPUs when the system is enabled increasing the performance without reducing the power consumption.

Sony had recently filed several patent applications, which include an application titled, ‘game device’, suggesting an inclusion of a game content screen in PS4. Many reports have been surfaced about the new gaming console from Sony featuring a more focused and dynamic community interaction interface.

PS4 release rumours have been doing the rounds as they indicated the launch of the gaming console next year, but new reports state that the users might be able to get their hands on PS4 much later than next year. Speculations hint that Sony is facing specification delays from a manufacturing company, which could see the release push back to 2014.

With PS4 release and specification rumours evolving with time, Sony decided to call it curtains for PS2as the Japanese conglomerate announced that the firm is going to terminate the production of PS2 in the coming time. PS2 will not be available for purchase once the current inventory runs out.

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