Is Texting More Popular than Calling?

Texting is something that has become a forum for passive aggressive communication and manipulation over all different age levels. This fact is something that highlights how the widespread use of mobile phones has managed to affect human connections.

Lack of mature behavior is something that’s not a new thing, however, the fact that with technology allowing us to use mobile phones to shoot off a message instantaneously has a large amount of the adult population realizing the thing that millions and millions of swift-thumbed teenagers already know:

  • The perfect tool for making a power play might just be the text message.

As an example, take into consider a person that’s on a date and requests their friend to send them text messages on a regular basis in order to give the appearance that they’re a very desirable and busy person. Or perhaps another person who sends a text message pretending that they’re inebriated, in order to make an assessment on how the person they’re texting will react. A couple additional ones that you likely have heard about, or perhaps even done yourself, are:

  • Pretending that you never received a specific text message you actually did receive and just waited several days to answer it.
  • Responding to a text message with, “Who is this?” from a number that’s familiar to you, or perhaps you actually know it.

People will admit that they engage in these texting behaviors quite freely. Psychologists have even studies people and their tendencies to do this. There is even a term labeled by a WSJ columnist Elizabeth Bernstein that combines bluffing and texting called ‘bluffting’.

Texting and the immediate nature of it is something that makes bluffting something very easy, along with the constant cell phone presence. This is the case even for the person that’d, in any other form, shrink from any such behavior. A person that’d never be comfortable enough to say something to a friend’s face that’s rude or repeatedly call an ex, might just feel enough comfort to use their cell phone that’s in their pocket or purse chirping away as their open door toward a passive aggressive brave new texting world.

Others have very complex and deep relationships with their cell phones, checking them all of the time and even taking them to bed with them. Excessive cell phone use is even suggested by psychologists to be tied to the same chemicals in the brain that lead to addictions with other behaviors and substances, which is suggestive of people perhaps getting some type of a high off of sending texts and other types of mobile communication.

Even more shocking is the fact that people prefer to text rather than have romantic face-to-face contact. There was one United States survey that even showed that 1/3rd of the American population would rather give up sex prior to giving up their smartphone. Although this isn’t something that bodes very well for humanities future, it’s something that has to be causing the smartphone manufacturers to rejoice.

Increasingly becoming more common, texting is going across all different age ranges and people are beginning to use their cell phones more and more for texting, and much less for actual talking. The research shows us that wireless consumers are sending an average of 500+ monthly text messages. How many of this number are designed to give a person the relationships upper hand is something that can’t be ascertained, however, if recent studies are in fact correct that number is more than likely growing.

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