iPhone5S and Waze

iPhone 5S rumours hint that the new smartphone might feature a better touch screen than its predecessors. iPhone 5 uses in-cell technology, which might have reduced the sensitivity of the smartphone slightly. Recent reports suggest that iPhone 5S will utilise Touch On, a new technology to improve iPhone touch screen interface.

The Touch On technology rumoured to be used in iPhone 5S will offer thin and durable screens with more touch sense capabilities. iPhone 5 was reported to have problems with rapid diagonal swipes, which might have resulted in Apple using the new technology.

Another rumour which is circulating is the use of Gorilla Glass 3 in the new iPhone employing Native Damage Resistance technology making it more durable. Corning is planning to show Gorilla Glass 3 at the CES 2013. The new offering from the firm is reported to be three times tougher than its predecessor and will incur 40 percent less visible scratches and provide 50 percent more shock resistant strength.

Developers recently found a code relating to a new iPhone, which led to the speculations about the new smartphone operating on iOS 7. The identifiers in the code read iPhone 6.1, thus leading to many rumours about the next offering from the California giant.

With new iPhone 5S rumours surfacing everyday the device seems to be on the rise even before its official confirmation. What do you think about the new Touch On technology being used in the next iPhone?

No Apple Waze Deal

Apple, Waze deal, which created abuzz in silicon valley, is not happening after CNET broke the rumor mill by reporting that Apple has no plans to buy Waze. Apple, Waze deal rumors fever-pitched after TechCrunch reported on Tuesday that Apple was interested in buying social-navigation app maker Waze.

After speaking to various sources, CNET confirm that Apple and Waze have engaged in low-level talks in the past but there is no pending deal for an acquisition. CNET also quoted another source “familiar with Apple’s thinking” saying that the reports of an Apple and Waze deal were completely “fabricated.”

The initial rumors on Apple and Waze deal were believed by many as Apple is currently in need of something to improve its iOS mapping service. According to the rumors, the only roadblock in the deal was price with Apple offering $500 million in total compensation and Waze asking for $750 million.

However, according to the latest updates, Apple has no plans to acquire Waze. With Apple, Waze deal out of picture, speculation of Apple’s deal with mapping firm TomTom have increased. Rabobank International analyst Hans Slob speculated about Apple’s interest in buying TomTom in early December.

Meanwhile, rumours that Apple and Foursquare have been in talks to improve its maps app. The Wall Street Journal has added to the speculation citing “people familiar with the talks” claiming that Apple is “in early discussions to integrate local data from Foursquare Labs In. into its mapping application… as the company continues to build an arsenal of local data to try to take on Google Inc.”

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