How to Make a Movie on your iPad

The iPad is a versatile and hardworking piece of technology. Because of the technological advances incorporated into its design, it is possible to make home movies (or even commercials and other videos for businesses) with nothing more than the iPad and a few apps.

Unfortunately, the first generation iPad was not equipped with cameras or video-recording capabilities. However, the second generation iPad, or iPad 2, comes equipped with both front and rear-facing cameras that take photos and record high quality video.

The iPad 2 also comes equipped straight from the factory with video recording software. While you can record video from both of the iPad’s cameras, it is important to keep in mind that the quality will not be the same from both. The rear iPad camera (the one that faces away from the screen) records in 720p HD, and has a 5x zoom. The front camera (the one that you can use to film yourself if you are holding up the iPad) records only in VGA and does not have zoom capabilities.

Movie Slate is an app that makes its purpose clear in its title. A fully digital clipboard, this app offers a digital slate, clipboard and even a shot log and shot notepad. With all of these features available in one simple, easy to use app, Movie Slate is sure to become invaluable for aspiring filmmakers.

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For the iPad user making a short film or full blown movie, Script Pro is another must-have app. It is a fully functional screenwriting app made specifically for the iPad. It offers multiple tabs to help you keep track of story elements while keeping the writing process simple.

Proprompter is the perfect app for iPad 2 users who find themselves making commercials or scripted films. Like a full sized teleprompter, it can help to keep the talent on camera on target, with their lines always fresh in their mind. Additionally, PocketLD is one of the most powerful lighting and spotlight apps on the market today. It is also vital for any iPad filmmaker.

After the video has been shot, the basic editing software already built into the iPad 2 may not be sufficient for your project’s requirements. A good option is the far more extensive editing app iMovie from Apple. It sells on the iTunes Market for $4.99. iMovie includes virtually all features you will need to complete your iPad movie. The software can help you with such tasks as cutting videos to length, adding effects like fades and transitions and even putting music over video, just to name a few.

If iMovie does not seem quite sufficient for your needs, another solution is ReelDirector. This is another set of video editing software that offers some different solutions than iMovie. For example, unlike many of the other programs available on the market, ReelDirector will allow you to edit in full HD.

The iPad 2 has made moviemaking an unprecedentedly simple task. In many cases, once you have an iPad 2 with these filmmaking apps installed, the hardest part will simply be coming up with the subject matter to film.

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