Google productivity suite vs Microsoft

Google plans to attract 90% of Microsoft’s users with its productivity suite targeting those users, who just use the basic features of the Office. Google Apps suite comprises of applications for document writing, integration, text and video communication, which support cloud based operations.

Google Apps suite has secured success in recent times and the reason for the string of accomplishments of the productivity suite is the price of it. Google has been charging $50 since the inception of the service despite adding new features while Microsoft has increased the cost with the release of newer variants.

The string of wins for the search engine giant includes Swiss drug maker, Hoffmann-La Roche, where over 80,000 employees use the package, and at the Interior Department, where 90,000 use it. Googlealso announced some retail clients of the suite, which include Dillards, Kohl’s, Office Depot and Costco.

Talking to AllThingsD, Google VP and head of the Google Enterprise unit, Amit Singh said, “Our goal is to get to the 90 percent of users who don’t need to have the most advanced features of Office.” Reports suggest that the Mountain View company is planning to make changes in its Enterprise offerings.

Responding to Google Apps suite and Google Drive, Microsoft launched a new version of Office and Sky Drive to match the competitive edge of the firm. Microsoft needs to sort its pricing structure if it plans to surpass Google’s offerings in the cloud based productivity category.

Google, Motorola planning on X phone and tablet

Google and Motorola are reported to be working on a tablet and X phone, which might be released sometime in the next year. Google owned Motorola recently acquired Viewdle, an imaging and gesture-recognition software developer, which might have prompted the handset manufacturer to make strides for the new devices.

Reports suggest that the hindrances in the manufacturing and supply chain management have forced the company to rethink about some features of the X phone, like the bendy screen attribute of the smartphone. Google might be looking to create something different as it now owns the company which makes the hardware of the smartphone.

The tablet might come at a later stage after the Motorola X phone is released. Google has wasted no time in including its employees in Motorola’s hierarchy of administration and 20% employment reduction ensured that the company was on its way to reaping profits after losing its way.

Motorola X phone is currently reported to be facing some problems in adding stress resistance, better colours and shape attributes to the smartphone. Rumours hint that Google is planning to make changes to the X phone’s camera, screen and software.

Samsung has been speculated to be working on its own software, though nothing can be confirmed yet. With Google owning Motorola and Microsoft producing a tablet, the competition in the smartphone market is set to become tougher and more cut-throat.

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