Facebook’s new timeline introduces single column messages

Facebook January 15 press event announcement has set the technology world abuzz with the possibilities of what the social networking site might be building. The event is scheduled to be held at the firm’s Menlo Park headquarters and the company has sent the invites via e-mail.

The invite for the Facebook event read, ‘Come and see what we’re building’, thus allowing speculations to run wild about the firm’s intentions. The social networking giant is known to unveil all its products at the headquarters and seems to be following the trend.

The development yet to be announced is debated to be mostly on the software side, but there can be some surprises. Microsoft had earlier entered the hardware sector through its Surface tablet. With CES 2013 Vegas taking major attention of the technology lovers, this might be Facebook’s own way of attracting the users’ to its creation.

Rumours about a Facebook phone have also been going around, though the firm’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg has already discarded the notion of the smartphone. The social networking giant’s previous gathering in November led to the announcement of the partnership with many retail owners for its Gifts application.

Since the invite reads, ‘What we’re building’, it suggests that Facebook is still in the process of creating the new offering. In a similar event, Facebook revealed a partnership with Skype, announcing the start of video chat for the service. What do you think Facebook could be building?

Facebook’s new timeline transformed to a single column design emphasising on efficient management with the new changes on the timeline feature. The refurbished features were live in New Zealand with other territories next in line (exact date not yet known). The new features place special attention to the messages pasted on the users’ home page.

The new design cleans up Timeline headers by rearranging the links of ‘Friends’, ‘Photos’, ‘Maps’ and ‘Likes’ in a separate menu. The relationship information has been discarded from the header, which might be Facebook’s own way of saying that they are focusing to keep personal details private.

The social networking site has been testing the revamped design of the Timeline since October last year along with the new privacy changes.The right side of the Timeline shows ‘Friends’, ‘Recent Activity’ and other non-messaging updates. The highlighted posts can no longer be stretched to across the screen.

The right hand side of the Timeline on Facebook goes blank after some time since messages appear only on the left side as opposed to the earlier messages, which were present on both the sides of the Timeline. The ‘More’ tab allows the users’ to access a wide array of other activities like Maps, Movies, TV Shows and Music.

Open Graph applications like Instagram, Spotify, Foursquare and Flipboard also get their own specific settings. Messages have been given priority in the new Timeline design from Facebook in addition to making the timeline easy to navigate. What do you think about the new Timeline changes?

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