Elite: Dangerous & GTA V news

Elite: Dangerous, the rebooted version of classic 80s space game Elite, has secured its Kickstarter funding target of £1.25 million. Elite: Dangerous crowdfunding mission reached its goal about 48 hours before Friday’s deadline by collecting £1,350,000 – £100k extra from the set goal.

The rebooted version of classic space trading game Elite, which will hit shelves next year, debuted on Kickstarter on 5 November and set itself 60 days to raise £1.25 million. Kickstarter funding mission has helped raise £1.33 million for Elite: Dangerous. The development team have promised that if funds reach £1.4 million mark they will have a Macintosh version of the game out within three months of the Windows launch.

David Braben, the creator of the game, broke the news of target achievement by updating the Kickstarter page. “This is just a mini-update to thank everyone for their amazing support. As I write, we are at a pledge total of just over £1,287,000 and 21,816 pledges,” the statement from Braben read.

“Astonishingly we crossed the line on my 49th birthday yesterday, which really made my day. I was really touched, delighted, excited, relieved by the news. It is really really great. There will be a further update later today. Another £113,000 and we hit the Macintosh stretch goal too,” he added.

With Elite: Dangerous, David Braben plans to give players a better experience of space with a customizable starship and freedom to choose number of players. The reboot version of Elite, released in 1984 on the BBC Micro, is set to make new records with more ships and more freedom.

GTA 5 screenshots release by Rockstar Games raise expectations

GTA 5 new screenshots was Rockstar’s Christmas gift to the gaming community as the firm raised the anticipations for the release of the game. The new illustrations released by the creator of GTA 5 sheds more light into the new variant, which was promised to be better than its predecessor according to series creator, Dan Houser. The images released by the company were posted under the heading, ‘Happy Holidays – Enjoy’

The stills released by the firm on its website show a man driving a car with a dog on the passenger seat, both portray the GTA vibe on their faces. Another still has a shark vying for its next prey while one still shows fighter planes hovering over the skies. The new images depict GTA 5 to be an action game covering all fronts, land, air and water, promising maximum action for gaming fans.

The map of the GTA 5 is reported to equal the length of the combined map of Red Dead Redemption, GTA San Andreas and GTA 4. Rockstar revealed the second trailer of GTA 5 last month to the awaiting fanatics of the fictional action-packed game. The speculations about the release of the game have been circulating since its announcement.

The game was officially announced on 25 October 2011 leading to the release of two trailers in October and November. GTA 5 will mark an upgrade in the features of the game as new attributes have been added to the fifth edition of the Grand Theft Auto. Amazon had leaked the release date of GTA 5 as March 26, which falls in line with the Spring release announced by Rockstar games.

GTA 5 for PC and Wii U is being considered by the company, but has not been officially announced. The game was declared for PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

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