Apple iTV design

Apple iTV set rumours suggest that Foxconn and Sharp are testing designs for the California company’s next offering. Despite rumours about the development of the prototypes of iTV, many sources are citing the Apple’s television ambitions are still in nascent stages.

Apple branded television set has been the most talked about offering from the firm as its other products have settled in their categories. Apple CEO, Tim Cook recently reiterated that iTV is the subject of the company’s intense interest without divulging much details. Many predict the launch of the iTV next year, though nothing can be confirmed yet.

Apple iPhone 5S rumours have also been doing the rounds of the industry as speculations hint at the release of the smartphone in June 2013. The new smartphone from Apple is expected to feature improved features from its predecessor in display and processor category. Apple products are known for the rumours prior to the release.

Talking about the iTV, WSJ quoted a source saying, “It isn’t a formal project yet. It is still in the early stage of testing.” Foxconn has been a a primary contractor for manufacturing many Apple products and with its recently acquired 37.6% stake in Sharp LCD it could be looking to ink its name on iTV.

With Google launching its own television service, it will interesting to see the competition between the two technology giants in a new market of service.

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