Android Market Keeps Growing

Smart phones are redefining the definition of mass market. The iPhone is routinely shattering sales records, but feels Android phones breathing down its neck. There are massive volumes in play and it is critical to your business to choose the right platform for your application, whether that is Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Symbian.

Google recently said that 160,000 Android phones are now exchanging hands each day, which is well past the iPhone sales volume of about 90,000. iPhone sales are currently limited by Apple’s manufacturing capacity, but there is no denying that Android is becoming an extremely attractive app platform. Since we are in August already, we are now seeing the full impact of Android in Q2 market estimates. Canalys said that Android is now the most popular smart phone platform in the U.S. with a stunning growth rate of 851% in the U.S. and 861% globally when the entire market grew by just 41%. In the U.S., the Blackberry has now a market share of about 32%, Apple holds just under 22% and HTC, which sells Android phones is already above 14%. 34% of all smart phones sold in the U.S. in the second quarter were Android phones.

Nielsen today confirmed the growth of Android, and says that 13% of all smartphone subscribers in the U.S. use Android phones, while Apple is at 28% and the Blackberry at 35%. However, new smartphone subscribers seem to be flocking to Android which captured 27% of new users, ahead of the iPhone (23%). RIM’s Blackberry is at 33%, but shows a declining in customer acquisitions. Nielsen’s data shows that Android and the iPhone are extremely attractive app platform in terms of their user base. Almost 90% of iPhone users said that they will buy an iPhone again. 71% of Android users plan on staying with Android, while only 42% of Blackberry users are considering a new Blackberry. High user loyalty translates in app user loyalty and plays into your investment decision.

Mobile apps are not just about the iPhone anymore. Android has shown a truly stunning pace and it will be interesting to see the two compete for your attention. Check out our mobile page and projects we have completed recently.

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